NYSW 4024s The Susie-Q has long been a favorite road, long before the railroad moved into Binghamton and began the Northern Division. Now that they are virtually my "hometown" line, passing through Cortland, NY, the Susquehanna was a logical choice for creating www.Susquehanna.Railfan.net. I’m not one to reinvent any wheels. The process and purpose for which this site is created, is that if some information exists elsewhere, there is no real need to duplicate it within this location. We have identified other locations with information on the New York, Susquehanna & Western via links.

This location will guide you to any relevant information on the line, show you some railroad views, and give you links to other Susquehanna sites as well as a group of links to other rail-oriented sites of interest. Many of the other links are tied to New York State Railroads.

Information is a valuable commodity, and one that needs to be accurate. Feel free to contact me with any corrections or changes. I appreciate your interest in this site and hope you enjoy this fan’s views of the Susquehanna.
(email: tidbits@clarityconnect.com)

Tom Trencansky, www.Susquehanna.Railfan.net - Webtrainmaster

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