New York Susquehanna & Western

This railroad continues to amaze us with its variety of motive power and operations. 
The views below are examples of NYS&W operations.  The scene has changed from the original small shortline, to running stacktrains, to control of the D&H, to Syracuse commuters, control of the TP&W, and now a partnership with CSX to operate trains, while still operating that small shortline. 
Neat line to watch.  Yes, C430's still operate in 2000!

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TP&W 2004 was in the Binghamton yard on its way for rebuild at the Utica shops.
NYS&W 3636 was leading a stacktrain into Syracuse near Jamesville.
NYS&W power on a passenger run passes one of the classic NYS barns north of Homer, NY.
NYS&W RDC M-5 operates in commuter service in Syracuse, NY.
The 1998 NRHS Convention found Syracuse to be a friendly location for excursions.  NYS&W 142 southbound near Tully.
Freight service and E9A's - amazing, this Susquehanna!
CSX train Q271 is westbound over Starrucca Viaduct on its way to Binghamton and a run north to Syracuse.
TP&W 2003 and NYS&W M-7 share the Binghamton yard.  The 2003 was heading for the Utica shop.
GP20 TP&W 2062, freshly outshopped from Utica joined the fleet in Binghamton.
Winter 2000 - NYS&W still operates GP18's, C430's, and SD45's.  Binghamton, New York!
Afternoon local BH-1 northbound over the Chenango River in Chenango Bridge.  The GVT unit is heading for Utica.
Once upon a time, in some dream, the NYS&W had 24 B40-8's and operated the D&H.  Northbound over Harpursville Trestle.
Southbound NRHS Convention special through Whitney Point, NY.
An oldie view of an eastbound stacktrain heading for NJ over Starrucca Viaduct.  Nice Alcos!