New York Susquehanna & Western Railway
Updated message Ė September, 2000

Whatís new? This site was created to compile information on the Susie-Q, show some favorite photographs and link to any other sites with NYS&W information. As such, it was not intended to be updated on frequent intervals, nor was it created to have an ongoing forum, there are other locations for those purposes. Itís a resource that can be updated as time allows, and should be always improving until it contains enough information and links to assist anyone with an interest in the NYS&W.

This site can be expanded to fit whatever void there appears to be for information on the railroad. Basic information such as mileposts, detectors, etc., can be scanned and listed. If you have such information to share, or suggestions on how to improve this listing as a resource, send an email.

Links. Hopefully, this site can and will link to any others that contain information on the line. Any suggestions? Again, please email.

Photos. NYS&W Photos. I am a photographer and enjoy scanning my photographs and creating photo albums. Iíve just uploaded a new selection. See the New Photos section. As time passes, Iíll upload more.

The NYS&W is not an island and connects to other lines. NYS&W trains pass over the Southern Tier and connect to CSX in Syracuse, etc. Links to related lines are helpful. There will be new websites with Railfanís Guides to Binghamton and Syracuse soon. Both have significant information on the NYS&W.

Trains, trains, and more trains. Thatís what I like to do with my spare time. Less and less time is spent out on the real lines it seems so I keep working on websites to share both information and photographs. I have a website known as "Trains, trains & more trains". That site has a group of websites created by me for such a purpose. Links go well beyond local stuff including a Guide to Tehachapi, CA as well as a future site on Montana. The list also contains my own page of web links to other places that I have enjoyed surfing and believe might be of interest to others.

These sites will never be "done". Something should always be under construction or in progress.  Feel free to view the "Trains, trains & more trains" link. Check back every so often, things keep changing.  Comments are always appreciated

Tom Trencansky, Dryden, New York